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Body And Face contouring

Body And Face contouring

An introduction :
Do you have stubborn fat areas that do not respond to dietary changes or exercise? You may be curious to know body treatments that target and destroy fat cells.

Is body sculpting without the need for surgery safe, and are the results permanent?

These are minimally invasive treatments and mild side effects.
However, it is a good idea to review your health history when you speak with your doctor about which treatment is best for you.

The difference between body sculpting and liposuction:
Non-surgical techniques will not provide the same results you would provide from surgeries.
Liposuction gets rid of ten times the amount of fat compared to these treatments that are not subject to body sculpting, says specialist doctors, “these non-surgical treatments destroy the amount of fat, which is called skin fat.”

How body sculpting works:
All procedures essentially work in the same way. They target and destroy fat, which the lymphatic system in your body filters over time, generally within a few months.

Now with some details about each technique:
Injection MesoLipolysis is an innovative procedure originally developed by Dr. Patricia Ritters from South America in the 1990>s. Injection Lipolysis or Lipodissolve, as it is commonly known is a medical technique whereby fat deposits found under the skin may be eliminated by means of localized injections of Phosphatidylcholine, a natural food supplement extracted from Soybean and Deoxycholate, a bile acid. Both of these compounds are endogenous in that they are present in the body and are mediators in the many metabolic reactions involved in fat metabolism.
This treatment is ideal if u wish to remove small fat deposits on the face and body. Injection MESOLIPOLYSIS is also very effective in the treatment of cellulite.
Body Areas that may be treated :
• Upper and lower belly • Hips
• Love Handles • Back folds
• Inner thighs • Knees
• Upper arm • Lower Buttocks
• Lower Face & Chin
• Additional Benefits
The numbers of treatments required differ from one person to the next, depending on the body
area and the body size.
How does it work?:
The active substance, phosphatidylcholine, causes the breakdown of fat cells and release of
the fatty acids which are then eliminated by the body through normal metabolism. This process takes
around six to eight weeks and therefore, one should not expect any results prior to that time
period. Patients usually experience swelling, redness and possible bruising after the treatment.
Within a couple of days, any discomfort or pain in the treated area are usually disappears. One of
the main advantages of injection MesoLipolysis is the fact that it always yields smooth body contours
unlike the high proportion of cases after traditional liposuction that result in unevenness and
depressions at the site of treatment

ColdSculpting Treatments: These use cool enough temperatures to kill fat cells but not harm your skin. The device pulls parts of the skin by suction, and then cools them down to destroy the fat beneath them for a set period of time.
You can use this procedure on many parts of the body including chin, arms, abdomen, love handles and thighs, and for science it is safe for most patients.
However, those with vascular condition that makes them more sensitive to cold temperatures (Raynaud’s syndrome, for example) should not use this remedy.

Heat Treatments (Laser):
This laser is FDA approved for fat reduction.
The device uses laser energy to damage the structure of the fat cells, and the body then removes the dead cells, and this device uses a flat bar, so it does not work well in areas of the body with curves. Thermal treatments are best for the stomach and thighs.

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency energy :
Body Sculpting by EXILIS ELITE

Exilis® Elite is one of the newest body sculpting devices, produced by BTL Aesthetics and represents a modern non-invasive technology for body sculpting and facial beautification. It is designed to melt fat, tighten skin, eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.
This device combines the techniques of unipolar radio waves (unipolar radio frequency), ultrasound technology to dissolve fat (and break down fat cells), and techniques to stimulate collagen production (for skin tightening), using the techniques of skin tightening and cellulite disposal. And the propaganda of this device provides that no one else combines all these technologies to provide tremendous and immediate results in the field of body sculpting.

The device is especially used to treat the following conditions:

Sagging fat in the arms (bingo wings)

Sagging fat in the thighs and buttocks

Fat accumulations on both sides (love handles)

Abdominal fat accumulations after pregnancy and childbirth

Double chin

Neck wrinkles

0 tighten the sensitive area

0 Get rid of the body sagging after weight loss, whether after diet or after obesity surgery

0 Treat wrinkles and sagging in different areas of the body

What to expect after these treatments:
All treatments get rid of fat in stubborn areas.
“These are some general facts”

⦁ Do not require anesthesia or discontinuation.

They take anywhere from 25 minutes to one hour at the clinic / complex.

In general, you can plan for two to four sessions, depending on the treatment you choose and the region you are treating.

It takes about 12 to 16 weeks for the body to treat and eliminate fat.

After that, you may feel some redness, swelling and bruising in the treatment area for a few days.

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