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Skin and hair care

Skin and hair care

First skin care:
Healthy facial skin is a prerequisite for beauty, but it is difficult to achieve for many women
Accelerated pace of life, unhealthy diet, and external factors all affect the largest human organ where the face is most exposed and allergic.
Therefore, the leading dermatologists gathered their knowledge and experience and revealed the secrets of the beautiful facial skin and hands, which they themselves adhere to.

⦁ Putting cold things on your eyes will reduce bloating and dark circles. Black tea bags do wonders.

⦁ Remove dark circles under the eyes:
Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem between men and women alike, as they may appear in children sometimes, but as people age, skin becomes thin and collagen decreases, which increases the problem, as this increases the appearance of blood vessels Under the eyes, which in turn works to exacerbate the problem by making the lower eyes darker and darker, it is worth noting that dark circles are not necessarily a sign of fatigue, but in general fatigue and anxiety can negatively affect the appearance of facial health for many people, especially those who have susceptibility More than others due to the appearance of dark circles, and pathological conditions such as imbalance of fluids or swelling, or swelling of the eyelids, may make the area of ​​the lower eyes more black, and genetics have a role in the appearance of dark circles in some people.
There are several reasons that lead to the emergence of dark circles under the eye, and if you want to use any type of cream without a prescription, you should see a dermatologist, and based on the reasons leading to the dark circles under the eye, appropriate medical creams are prescribed, or a set of treatments that can reduce or eliminate From the discoloration and pigmentation under the eye, laser treatment or chemical peels can be used to help in some cases, and the cavities under the eye that cause black shadows can be removed by injection……

⦁ Many women care carefully about their face, but often forget the hands that give years. The same anti-aging ingredients you use for your face are also good for preventing dark spots on your hands.

⦁ The skin around the eyes is very thin and dry, which is why the capillaries in this part are more visible. Moisturize daily with eye cream, your skin will be smooth, capillaries are hidden, and they will look younger.

⦁ Foods rich in three omega fatty acids such as salmon and nuts prolong youthful skin, that is, delaying signs of aging.

⦁ Cream with a protective factor and avoiding exposure to sunlight are the basis to prevent dark spots on the face and uneven skin. If you already have this problem, use products that contain a combination of licorice, antioxidants, and retinol.

⦁ Antioxidants are important allies in skin care but also in nutrition. Foods rich in antioxidants such as berries and pomegranate soothe skin inflammation and fight free radicals.

⦁ Sunscreen creams that contain anti-pigmentation agents such as soy help prevent dark marks that remain after acne.

⦁ Many women think peeling of the face should be rough, but this is completely wrong! Dead cells must be removed gently. Otherwise, it can burn the skin after peeling, and be painful to touch and irritate.

⦁ Skin care: The young skin, naturally healthy, looks more beautiful than the makeup makeup, and to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin for a longer period of time, care must be taken to care the skin, and some women may be confused about how to care for the skin; Because there are many care products available in the market, and for different skin types, the steps for correct skin care require knowledge of the type of skin (see a dermatologist), and through this an appropriate care routine can be built according to the type of skin (oily, sensitive, dry).

⦁ Oily skin prone to acne needs moisturizing. Dehydration only worsens skin imperfections. There are many oil-free products on the market that have been proven to help.

⦁ Positive state of mind is also responsible for beautiful and healthy skin. If you are thinking positively, it will be easier to get rid of acne, wrinkles and other irregularities. On the other hand, negative postures to life bring in wrinkles, dry and sensitive skin.

⦁ During sleep, the hormone cortisol, which causes skin inflammation, is at its lowest, and endorphins and growth hormones, which heal, are at their highest levels. Therefore, eight hours of sleep is by no means a waste, but it is an indispensable recipe for the health and beauty of your skin.

Secondly, hair care:
Tips are not enough to take care of hair, because to get shiny and beautiful hair you really need to take care of it, and sometimes use a little trick – which should not remain a secret only between top designers or hairdressers.

⦁ A fresh start

The main rule of hair care is to use a shampoo suitable for washing your hair. If your hair is thin and sensitive, use shampoo with proteins that will restore the hair’s structure, give it all the necessary nutrients and make it beautiful and supple.

On the other hand, if you have damaged and dry hair, choose a moisturizing shampoo that will restore the hair’s moisture moisture and thus make it more beautiful.
Dyed and chemically treated hair requires special care, so choose only targeted products for this type of hair. If you suspect the right choice of hair care products, be sure to consult your hairdresser and “decipher” the secret. Remember that the key to hair care is the right shampoo and conditioner.

⦁ Concerns about shampoo

Experts recommend shampooing your hair twice. Specifically with washing your hair with the first shampoo, you will remove most of the impurities from the hair (you will be surprised that everything is “stuck” to our hair) and be sure to do it slowly and completely. Be sure to gently massage every millimeter of the scalp to stimulate blood circulation. This will encourage faster metabolism in the body and stronger and better growth of hair root.
Using another shampoo, it will definitely remove all impurities from your hair, and after applying conditioner, it is very important to wash your hair well. In particular, if shampoo or conditioner residue remains on it, the hair will look “heavy” and quickly become greasy. Never wash your hair with hot water because it will destroy your hair, but is lukewarm or cold.

⦁ Drying has its laws

Before turning on the hair dryer and pointing it to your hair, be sure to dry it well with a towel. Specifically, stylists and hairdressers recommend that your hair be 80 percent dry before turning on the hair dryer. Therefore, they advise you to wrap your hair with a soft towel after washing and leave it for a while. Then dry your hair with gentle movements (“tapping”). Never rub your hair because you can only tear your hair with rough movements. Keep the hair dryer at least 30 inches from your hair, and if you want to give your hair size, dry it with your head facing down.

⦁ I want the most beautiful size / length

If drying your hair upside down isn’t enough to get the volume you want, it’s time to use the right styling product. If you have fine hair, split it into several “sections” and spray each part separately with volume spray. If your hair is medium or short and you want to give it volume, focus on the “crown” of your head. You can also use a brush to give your hair volume. Remember
How do hairdressers pull strings one by one, stretch hair up and dry it. With a little bit of volume spray and good drying, your hair can look fuller and more luxurious.

⦁ Romantic curls

If you have long hair, we recommend that you curl it occasionally, which creates a romantic and cute look. If you don’t have time to put on stand-alone fans and other aids, use a hair dryer to give your hair a little curly look. It suffices to wrap a strand with a strand on a curl brush and dry it first with warm air, then with cold. If you have more time, play with curlers and “target” them with your hair. To keep your curls longer, sprinkle one strand at a time with the hairspray and leave the rollers on your hair for as long as possible. After removing it from your hair, do not comb the strands, but gently slide your fingers through your hair and dress your hair. This will keep curls longer.

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